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About Us

Hello! I'm Miss Knight and I'm going to be the new Year 5/6 teacher in Sycamore class. 

I can't wait to meet you all in September and find out all about you! 

I'm excited for us all to start our learning together in September!

Twitter Feed

Here is my class Twitter username - at the moment it has lots of things from my current school! Obviously, this will change from September, where I will post about all of the exciting things we are doing!


Our New Classroom/picture/tour



Maths Sheet

Here is a Maths worksheet on place value and addition/subraction to have a go at. You can either do this on Class Dojo or bring it in September

Show and Tell Box

I have created a Show and Tell box which will tell you a little more about me and my interests. I would love it if you could create one for September!

Feelings chart about lockdown/school

I know you might be feeling a little anxious about coming back to school in September - we have been off for a long time. Don't worry, it's completely understandable - we've all been off school for a while! I have attached a sheet for you to complete about how you feel about lockdown and coming back to school. Either bring it in when we come back in September, or add it to Class Dojo


Here are some websites you might enjoy:

Here are some English and Maths websites I think you will like, with some really good games and activities!







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