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About Us

Hi there!

Mrs Hutchins here with our new Hawthorn class page.

I will keep popping things on here throughout the Summer so make sure you take a look every now and then.


Our New Classroom

Hawthorn classroom is situated upstairs in the Year 5 and 6 area. Our room will be Miss Forrest's old classroom and the toilets are situated next door.

It's a bit tricky for me to get into school at the minute to take photos of our classroom but as soon as I'm able to I will pop some photos on here for you to see. There will be quite a lot of work to be done in the room over the Summer, such as sorting displays and creating the book corner, so watch this space and I will keep you updated.


Meet Me

I've written you all a letter telling you a little about myself.

I can't wait to find out about you all too so can you please tell me a few thinfs about yourself. You could do this by video, letter, poster - any way you wish. When you're done send it to me on Class Dojo!

Maths Sheet

Here is a Maths task that I'd like you to complete before you come back in September. It will help me to work out what you already know and which areas we can focus on a little bit more.

When you've finished it, send me a photo on Class Dojo or bring it back with you in September.

Show and Tell Box

full of goodies that are very precious to me. In September I will bring it in and share the stories behing each item.

I'd like you to try and compile your own box of special items and bring it in in September so we can all learn a little bit more about each other.

Feelings and Emotions

It's been a strange time for all of us recently with such a long time off school and I'd like to help you to settle as quickly as possible in September.

To do this I need your help! I'd like you to complete one of the Feelings and Emotions questionnaires (you can pick which one you complete). When you've done that, send me a photo of it on Class Dojo. I can then plan how to make you feel as comfortable as possible when you come back in September.


Here are some websites you might enjoy:

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