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Welcome to Reception Class!

Miss Capp

Hello! I am Miss Capp. I have 1 sister, her name is Rachel. We love to spend as much time together as possible, even though we live very far from each other. I have 7 dogs: Yogi, Peggy, Hilda, Lottie, Lola, Nelly and Morty, and they enjoy a cuddle when I get home from school. 

I love going for walks around the Wyre Forest and lots of different beaches; my favourite beach is in South Wales.

My favourite animal is an elephant and my favourite colour is pink.

When in school, I love exploring outside; biuilding with our blocks and crates and being in the garden.

Miss Williams

Hello! My name is Miss Williams. I come from a very big family as I have 4 brothers and 4 sisters. I love being with my family and spend time with them whenever possible, as some of them live in Wales.

I love animals especially my pet dog, Millie. I also like snakes, turtles and tigers.

I am a creative person who likes to draw, paint and make but you will always find me in the garden as I love the outdoors. My favourite weather is rain as I enjoy listening to it...also splashing in puddles!

Miss Tunley

Hello! My name is Miss Tunley. I have 2 brothers, their names are Ricky and Alex. I also have 2 dogs who are called Jax and Lilly. My favourite colour is yellow and my favourite food is my Grandma's roast dinner! I love animals and my favourite has to be a turtle! In school, I like to be creative and do lots of art. Drawing is my favourite!

When I am not in school, I like to spend time with my niece Millie, and I also take part in a pantomime. I like to go on holiday and spend lots of time in the sun.

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