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About Us

Welcome to the Willow Reception class page. Here you will be able to access information and updates about your class. Mrs James, Miss Tunley and Miss Thomas will be your teachers, we look forward to seeing you all in September!

Our New Classroom/picture/tour

Meet Me

In Reception you will be taught by Mrs James, Miss Thomas and Miss Tunley. We have created a document that tells you about us. We are very exciting to see you in September. Perhaps you could draw or write all about you so that we can get to know you all.

Maths Sheet

Please have a look at the Maths sheet attached, we want to know how fantastic you are with numbers!

Show and Tell Box

Have a look at our special box's, filled with items that are special to us. Can you create a special box too? Bring it with you in September and we can do show and tell with your new class!

Miss TMiss Thomas Box

Feelings chart about lockdown/school

See the attached feelings chart. How do you feel about starting Reception in September?

How have you felt about being at home lots during the lockdown?

Please bring this with you in September.

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