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Times Tables







You should read your school book and words everyday:  Practise reading the sounds, blending the words.           

Your challenge is to discuss what you have read with your adult. What happened in your story? What was a key event or fact?                               

Here is a reading comprehension sheet for you to discuss and complete together. Have a go at writing the words/ sentences to answer the questions.

Year 1: We will begin with number bonds to support your child's knowledge about addition and subtraction within 10. 

Year 2 your times tables to learn for the next two weeks are your 5 times tables. 

Remote Learning

Here is a timetable for you to follow when supporting your children to learn at home. 

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Writing & Spelling































In science we are exploring our senses. We are identifying the 5 different senses and the body parts we use for these senses. 


Read this passage of text with your grown-ups.

Here is the English tasks for this week.

This week year 1 are finding one more and one less. In year 2 we are adding tens. 

Year 1: 

This week we are comparing amounts. 

Monday: please count out different amounts and order starting from either the smallest to the largest or the largest to the smallest. 

Tuesday/Wednesday- see plan.

Thursday line up all of your teddies which one is first, second and third. 

Year 2:

In science we are exploring the importance of exercise and the impact this has on our bodies. Can you find your heart beat. How fast/slow is it going. Now time yourself completing a minute of exercise. Feel your heart beat again how fast is it going now?


If you are self isolating please click here to have a look at a diary for your child to complete

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