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Times Tables

Practise your Times Tables on TTRockstars! 

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You should read your school book and words everyday:  Practise reading the sounds, blending the words.           

Your challenge is to discuss what you have read with your adult. What happened in your story? What was a key event or fact?                               

Here is a reading comprehension sheet for you to discuss and complete together. Have a go at writing the words/ sentences to answer the questions.

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If you are self isolating please click here to have a look at a diary for your child to complete

Home Learning Timetable & Useful Websites

Here is a timetable for you to follow when supporting your children to learn at home. 

Week 1 - Year 1 WB 4.1.21

Week 1 - Year 2 WB 4.1.21

Week 2 - Year 1 WB 11.1.21

Below is a video introducing this weeks Maths topic which is finding a part.


Week 2 - Year 2 WB 11.1.21


Above is a video explaining this weeks Maths topic which is Fact families. 

Week 3 - year 1. WK B - 18.1.21


Below is an explanation for Mondays Maths, introducing Money. 


Below is an explanation for Wedneday's Maths, adding coins together. 


Above is video explaining Thursday and Fridays Maths it explains how to add different coins together. 

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