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Physical Education & Activity

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At Birchen Coppice Academy, we aim to provide all children with good quality, varied and progressive physical education. This will enable pupils to become physically literate; they will develop positive physical virtues such as strength, speed, stamina, coordination, flexibility, agility and balance, as well as their physical confidence and enthusiasm. Physical education is a vital part of our children’s wellbeing for their physical and mental development. We aim to see our children succeed and thrive in competitive sport and other physically demanding activities. Our PE curriculum will develop our pupils’ knowledge and skills, as well as promote a love of physical activity and a desire to participate in a healthy, active lifestyle.


PE will be taught weekly by their class teacher and/or a specialist PE teacher. The specialist PE teacher also takes the role of subject leader for PE, and thereby is responsible for the support and development of PE across the school.

To support teachers’ delivery of PE lessons, The PE Hub scheme of work and subject leader support is used. This allows teachers to:

  • Fulfil a broad and balanced curriculum, across a range of sports whilst developing learners fundamental movement skills
  • To identify prior learning for children in their year group, ensuring progression
  • To adapt learning to meet the needs of learners who find accessing particular skills challenging, or require further challenge
  • To undertake a range of sports as specified in the National Curriculum, whilst relating these to local, regional or national events
  • To ensure the sports curriculum is utilised to further pupils personal development, e.g. healthy lifestyles, fair competition, leadership, teamwork, rules and laws of sports 

To ensure that all learners receive a high quality curriculum in various ways.

  1. The PE subject leader teaches a percentage of lessons throughout the year.
  2. Sports Premium funding is used to enable the PE subject leader to coach non-PE specialists. This will be further implemented from January 2024.
  3. Coaches from disciplines such as tennis and cricket are utilised to enhance provision and staff knowledge.

At Birchen Coppice, we offer opportunities for pupils to attend extra-curricular clubs and represent their school in a wide range of sports. This is ably supported by our local District Sports Partnership – The Wyre Forest School Sports Partnership. Extra-curricular activities are supported by coaches from local clubs who then signpost pupils to further opportunities.

Pupils meet the national expectation of 30 minutes of physical activity per day through active lessons and purposeful play at break-times and lunchtimes.


Monitoring Processes: How do we know the curriculum is having impact?

The quality of PE learning is monitored through the PE leader’s observation of lessons.

Teachers capture of pupil achievements and progress is captured via reflective planning sheets, and this data is used to inform next steps within the year and beyond. Assessment for learning is utilised to ensure effective outcomes and progression.

Pupil voice is used to gather an accurate picture of engagement in PE lessons, participation in sport and understanding of the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Staff voice identified self-reflective competence and informs coaching support from the subject leader.

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