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Times Tables




You must read at least 20 mins  (any reading books or online reading) three times a week. Please record your minutes on the reading miles sheet. A copy of this can be found here.

You must practise your times tables. Please use TT Rockstars or Hit the Button to help you learn them. 


You must practise your weekly spellings, using different strategies shown. Every Friday, there will be a spelling test. 

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Remote Learning

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Writing & Spelling

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Read at least 20 mins a day (any reading books or online reading) and record your minutes on the reading miles sheet.

Please complete the two reading comprehensions each week for 30 minutes each. 

You need to complete a writing activity each day.

You need to complete the spelling activities for 20 minutes each day. Use the spelling strategy booklet to do this. 


Please do 40 minutes of Maths each day from the Maths activities. This can include accessing TT Rockstars or Hit the Button.


Please complete 2 Science lessons each week of 40 minutes each. You can find the work in the Science booklet.


If you are self isolating please click here to have a look at a diary for your child to complete

Mrs Gray's Group

Click here for Mrs Gray's Page!

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