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We believe that pupils at Birchen Coppice Academy need to be engaged in learning that is real, immersive and purposeful. In order to support our teachers to deliver a curriculum that is knowledge rich, engaging and quality, we use the Cornerstones Curriculum scheme to support planning and delivery. This allows us to deliver our foundation subjects in a cross curricular manner, driving learning through relevant, independent, creative, enterprising and real learning opportunities, connected into exciting topics.

Children undertake learning that ask them to become knowledgeable Historians, Geographers, Artists and Designers through the cross-curricular approach, ensuring that we are protecting the characteristics of the individual subjects. All subjects are planned for from the National Curriculum for Key stage 1 and Key stage 2. We teach children both key declarative or substantive knowledge within their subject, as well as how to undertake the specific tasks and procedures needed to be effective within the subject; building progressive understanding for working within the subject.

Whilst we make appropriate links in learning so that children can make appropriate connections, some of our subjects are taught as discrete:

  • ICT and Computing is taught as a discrete subject, supported by Teach Computing Curriculum.
  • Children access their PE entitlement on a weekly basis, and delivery of learning is supported by the PE Hub scheme.
  • Music lessons occur discretely, with learning supported by the Charanga music scheme. Children also access musical instrument tuition from Severn Arts.
  • Science, PSHE (RHE) and RE also have their own specific lessons – further details can be found for each of these subjects under their own curriculum sections of the website.
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