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Daily Activity Week 2

Week Commencing 30.03.20


Let's make this Friday Fun Filled and have a dressing up day. What will you dress up as? A princess, a Knight, a Queen, a Superhero, the Gruffalo, the Very Hungry Caterpillar, a Tiger or a Dinosaur.

Send a picture of you dressed up via ClassDojo!

This weeks activities are based on the story 'We're Going on an Egg Hunt' illustrated by Laura Hughes

Listen to the story below read by Mrs Farnsworth!


MONDAY - Listen to the story 'We're Going on an Egg Hunt' read by Mrs Farnsworth. Now get creative and make a story map to show the route the rabbits take to find all 10 eggs. Once completed you can use your story map to help you retell the story independently. Have Fun! I have added my story map below. 


TUESDAY - Make at least 10 colourful Easter Eggs by either printing with potatoes (see photos below) OR drawing them and colouring in.

Adult's when they are dry/complete please cut them out ready for Wednesday's activity. 

WEDNESDAY - We're going on an Easter Egg Hunt! Adult's can you hide the Easter eggs that you made yesterday around the house and garden for your child/ren to find. While your child/ren are hunting ask them; How many eggs have you found? Encourage your child/ren to count one egg at a time. Continue to ask this question at intervals until they have found all the hidden Easter Eggs. When the hunting is over why not practise writing the numbers 1-10 in your workbook. Have an Eggcellent day!   

THURSDAY - Let's learn the song 'I'm a Spring Chicken'. Go to YouTube and search 'I'm a Spring Chicken', then click on the link by Juliehoang675 and start listening 🎧 While you are listening why not draw an Easter picture to put up in your window. You could draw a spring chicken 🐣 a bunny 🐰 or an Easter egg. Remember to send me a photo on ClassDojo! 

FRIDAY - Create an Easter character 🐣🐰🐑 using your recycling (cardboard boxes, toilet roll tubes, yoghurt pots etc.) and any creative materials you have at home 🏠 OR build an Easter character 🐣🐰🐑 out of construction toys (Lego, building blocks, magnetic shapes etc.) Send me a picture of your creation on ClassDojo, I look forward to seeing them 🌟

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