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Week 1 - Week Beginning Monday 1st June


This week's activities are based on the story 'Farmer Duck' written by Martin Waddell. 

Listen to the story below read by Mrs Farnsworth! 


MONDAY - Read 📚 or Listen to the story 'Farmer Duck' by Martin Waddell and then draw a picture of your favourite character from the story. Will it be the Farmer, Farmer Duck or the farm animals? 

TUESDAY - Using the Powerpoint below; Can you identify the farm animals? Then either print out the sheets below or draw your own pictures; Can you match the Farm Animal Mother to their Baby? 

CHALLENGE; What is the name of a Baby Swan?  

WEDNESDAY - Let's learn some more about our main character Farmer Duck by looking at the life cycle of a Duck! What came first the duck or the egg? Included above are a Duck life cycle poster and activity sheets for you to use or you could draw your own.   

THURSDAY - Let's design and make a farm. First draw and label your farm. What animals will you have on your farm? Where will they live? Then make your farm using construction materials this could be Lego, Building blocks, stickle bricks, cardboard boxes etc. (see ideas below) 

FRIDAY - Let's get creative and make 5 little ducks to help us remember the popular Nursery Rhyme. (see ideas below and the Nursery Rhyme words) 

Why not have a go at 'Cosmic Kids Yoga - On the Farm' available on YouTube 

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