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Week 1 - Week Beginning Monday 1st June

This week we will be reading 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' By Eric Carle.


MONDAY: Good morning lovelies, and here we are in our final half term! How quick is this year going?! Before we get onto our Caterpillar week, I would like you to tell me about your half term! How was your holiday?

I want to know about all the lovely things you have done. Please could you draw me a picture and either label it or write a sentence about it. Remember these key things when writing:
Use our Kinetic Letters writing format.
Both feet should be on the floor or you should be in lizard position.
Your piece of paper should be slanted to support your flow of writing.
Sound out your word before starting to write it.
Use your sound mats to help you identify the sounds and what the letters look like to write them.
Remember when you are writing a sentence, you should have: a capital letter at the start, finger spaces between each word and a full stop at the end.
You should read your sentence back when you have finished so that you can check your work. (Have you used the correct sounds? Have you left finger spaces? Can your sentence be read by other people e.g. Me, Miss Tunley, your grown-ups at home?)

I hope you have a wonderful day! Look out for this week's story and handwriting videos being uploaded later on today.

Can't wait to see all of the lovely things you have been up to!



Good morning!

Here is today's learning task:
Today you are going to learn about caterpillars! I have attached some fact pictures for you to look through. Have a look through the pictures with your grown-ups and talk about caterpillars. Identify 3 facts that you have learned about Caterpillars and write them in a list.

If you need some help to identify something to write, see if you can answer these questions in your fact file.
- What do caterpillars eat?
- How many legs do caterpillars have?
- Why do caterpillars have hairs on their backs?

Can't wait to see your wonderful work!



Morning lovelies! How are you all this morning? Today we are going to be learning about patterns. A pattern is when a section of something is repeated exactly the same over and over. So, I have made myself a Little Hungry Caterpillar face and gone on a little pattern hunt around my house. See if you can make your own Hungry Caterpillar face, you could draw it in your book if you want to. 

On my hunt, I found some fruit, my pattern was banana, apple, so that is what I repeated. What would come next at the end of my banana, apple pattern? I ended on an apple so ... a banana would come next! You’re right!
The next picture was my big spoon, tea spoon pattern. What would come next? The big spoon! Well done
On my placemats pattern, I ran out of space, what would have come next? Small mat, big mat, small mat, big mat... small mat! 

Now, on this final picture, I made things a bit trickier for myself, I did a 3 object pattern! My pattern was ruler, pen, pencil. Did I make the right pattern all the way along? 

Have a go at making your own caterpillar patterns, I’m excited to see the patterns you make!  


THURSDAY: Good morning! I can't believe it is already Thursday! Wow, this week has gone very fast!

Today you are going to explore the different foods that help us to grow. I have attached some slides to help you to discuss the different foods which are nutritious or non-nutritious.

Nutritious means: food that is good for you. Which is the types of food that we need to eat lots of. E.g. Fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates.
Non-nutritious foods are foods which do not give the body any (or very much) good substances like nutrients or minerals. These are foods that we should eat less of. E.g. Sugary foods.

Your task today is to choose 5 things from your kitchen and put them into 2 groups of nutritious and non-nutritious and discuss why we should eat lots of nutritious foods and why we should eat less non-nutritious foods.


Here is Miss Capp's Nutritious/ Non-nutitrious sorting:

Good morning lovelies! I cannot believe it's Friday already!
Today we are going onto the final stage of learning about Caterpillars, we are going to learn about their transformation into Butterflies and learn about the lifecycle of a Butterfly! Here is a poster for you to look at and discover new information.
Here is a video for you to show your children: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvmQiWpgX5c
Once you have looked at this poster and watched the transformation video, see if you can draw a picture of each stage of the transformation, I have attached an example for you to use to help you.
Next week is Butterfly week, how exciting!
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