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Create a replica 27.3.20

Dear parents and carers of years 3 and 4.

Unfortunately because of the current situation we are unable to showcase what we have been doing for our learning challenge. Instead, to end our topic of the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age, we would love all the children to create a replica of one of the following artefacts (or another of your choice) through the medium of Art. It could be a drawing, a painting, if you have resources that allow you to make something that would be great too. The replica can be made out of whatever you want. There is no pressure of what it has to be made out of. Just whatever suits you and your circumstance. :)
Once completed please take a picture of it and send it to your class teacher by Friday the 3rd April and we will post them on Twitter and create an end of topic art gallery for you all to enjoy and for you to see your friends work.
Also please can you label your replica and tell us the name of it, what time period it is from and what it’s purpose is.

Take care and stay safe.

Miss Hall, Miss Chambers and Mrs Parsons




Catastrophes 3.4.20

Dear parents and carers,


After the Easter holidays we are starting our new topic called Catastrophes, thinking about natural disasters that happen all over the world.


Firstly, we would like the children to answer the question: What is a natural disaster?


Secondly, we would like the children to create a CAF (They should all know what this is) and list all the natural disasters they can think of. They can do this in their books or on a large sheet of paper, whatever you have to hand.


Thirdly, we would like them to watch these videos and read some information on natural disasters and then add all the natural disasters that they have now heard of and learnt about to their CAF but in a different colour.










Fourthly, for each natural disaster that they have written down, we would like them to locate one specifically and label the country and date of where and when it happened.


If they have done this and are eager for more, then they can find pictures or draw some natural disasters that they have found.


They have 2 weeks to do this (Over the Easter Holidays), and to be complete by 20th April 2020.


Stay safe,


Miss Hall, Miss Chambers and Mrs Parsons

Easter activity grid

For fun Easter activities, please click on the word document below. Have a fantastic Easter! 

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